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New Road Convert looking for advice on size and what to buy.(2 posts)

New Road Convert looking for advice on size and what to buy.SoloFlite
Jul 19, 2002 3:08 PM
hi all,
Lance has really piqued my interest in riding road. I'm 5'7" and sizing on road bikes is a mystery to me. i am also at a loss for what bike to buy. i really don't recognize a lot of the brands. i know MTB like the back of my hand, so i'm not a cyling retard but would like some advice on a really good road bike. the only thing i have to go on now is the visual cues and a Giant TCR1 looks pretty sweet to me. i'm looking in the $2000 range, so any tips on what componentry, wheels, fork, frame i should expect for that amount of cash would be appreciated. buying used seems like a great option, 2000 or newer only though. and for any of you interested, i have a ton of DownHill parts to trade for road stuff. thanks alot
Fit rulesKerry
Jul 19, 2002 5:26 PM
Start with a sizing calculator to find your target fit figures. That will narrow things down quite a bit. It does no good to get a good deal on a bike that doesn't fit.