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Experience with American Classic built wheels?(2 posts)

Experience with American Classic built wheels?opencl
Jul 19, 2002 7:12 AM
Hi, I am looking to build a wheelset with AC 350g 24f/28r rims laced with DT revolution spokes to AC ultralight rear hub and AC micro front hub. Radial front and 2X rear. Alloy nips...

Anyone have a similar setup? Would I be able to use it for everyday ride?
re: Experience with American Classic built wheels?LeGrimper
Jul 20, 2002 3:32 PM

I have the exact same wheels. They are great, no hassles. Super light 1300g and fast, especially up hills. You really notice the difference, especially when you swap the training Ops out and put these in. 500g lighter.

I DO NOT use them for anything other than racing though on roads and circuits I know. They are light and I know if I hit a good pothole I would do them lasting damage.

For smooth surfaces they would be fine, even everyday but at 1300g there is no mass to absorb a big hit.

Fast, light and superb value but like anything you need to use them within their limits.

Le Grimp.

P.S. Anyone notice Lance has not be using the K's for his uphill jaunts so far????