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which seatpost? just bought a calfee tetra pro...(3 posts)

which seatpost? just bought a calfee tetra pro...jefe
Jul 17, 2002 8:45 AM
just bought my new baby. i'm 5'11" 175. ride 150 mi/wk. which seatpost? carbon?

re: which seatpost? just bought a calfee tetra pro...Banky
Jul 17, 2002 8:52 AM
It depends, if you are a weight freak then carbon, I purchased a Thompson Elite which weighs about 185 grams. It is excellent and I would highly recomend it.
Design? Weight? Aesthetics?DMoore
Jul 17, 2002 10:32 AM
The first issue is design - what do you need from a seatpost? If you need setback, right there you eliminate all the MTB style posts. OTOH, if you don't need setback, you eliminate the "classic" road posts. How about length? Do you need a longer than usual post? That will also narrow down your choices. Some saddles have thicker rails, that won't work with some seatpost clamps. So that's another possible factor.

Is weight an issue? If you have a Tetra Pro, I'll take a wild guess and say your answer is affirmative. Ti and Carbon posts tend to be the lighter ones out there.

Is cost an issue? Again, on a Calfee, probably not.

Aesthetics? Once you decide about setback and weight, you've narrowed it down. From the group that's left, what grabs your fancy? Personally, I think a Campy Record carbon or WR Compositi would look terrific, but you might just hate them. I have an Easton carbon on one bike. I hate the looks of it, but it's a compact frame and there aren't that many looong, light posts available.

So figure out what design you need, what weight you want, and then just pick the post that looks best to you. After all, the seatpost only needs to hold the saddle in the proper position and not break. It's not the most critical component on a bike, not by a long shot.