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Which Rollers - Technique or Tacx?(3 posts)

Which Rollers - Technique or Tacx?cking17
Jul 16, 2002 6:01 PM
I don't have the budget for Kreitlers yet so am looking at Performance Technique vs. Tacx Sport Track (Folding). Anyone have any experience with Tacx rollers? The Techniques get solid ratings on this site but I cannot find any internet reviews on the Tacx. They will be used a lot so I'm hoping these PVC models last. Thanks for any help/opinions!
Jul 17, 2002 6:45 AM
Get the Minoura's. They're the best and under $200.

re: Which Rollers - Technique or Tacx?Fignons_ponytail
Jul 21, 2002 4:03 PM
I have the Tacx non-folding rollers and they are great. I do all of my off-season training on them and they have held up just fine so far. Only about $90, too!