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Suggested Handlebars for small folks?(5 posts)

Suggested Handlebars for small folks?gemcity
Jul 16, 2002 6:00 PM
My wife is looking for a "higher and closer" bar position. So a stem/bar change is in order.

I'm looking for suggestions on handlebars with small reach and drop. In the running are Ritchey Biomax, Salsa Poco, Salsa Short & Shallow. Other suggestions please?


PS, I'm pissed: Her Bianchi Eros came with a 25.4 clamp setup. Which means that to get to a standard size (26.0) we need to buy BOTH! I faced the same problem with my road bike. Why can't manufacturers/oems use a standard size (on a $1000+ bike)? Is it a conspiracy with the component manufacturers?
3TTT bars are sort of medium, as are some Deda barsbill
Jul 17, 2002 6:48 AM
(Deda makes the anatomic in a smaller and larger size, I believe; I may have this backwards, but I think that the non-anatomic come in one size: large). The others you mentioned, Salsa and Ritchey, are the others that have been suggested to me for smaller sizes. The bars I've come across that are big, which unfortunately I bought before I even thought to ask the question, are ITM Milleniums -- definitely steer clear of those if you want small.
re: Suggested Handlebars for small folks?PMC
Jul 17, 2002 12:16 PM
Cinelli bars seem to have a fairly short reach compared to some I've seen (90mm). list the reach and drop for most bars on the site. The only brand I noticed where no measurements other than widths were listed was Easton. I also checked the Easton website to no avail.
If small hands is the problem, no bars will help...TFerguson
Jul 17, 2002 12:41 PM
If you already know all of this I apologize.

Reach on a bar is the horizontal distance from the center of the top bar to the center of the front of the curve. It does not affect the distance to the levers from the bar. I've tried a few, incuding both Salsas you mentioned as well as the Terry, and the "hand reach" is the same. The Terry does give you a little 2mm dent in the back of the curve, but this is filled by the tape anyway.

The only solution I have found is to modify the levers.

Thanks! Ritchey Biomax II is the leading contender.gemcity
Jul 17, 2002 2:52 PM
Seems to have the best combo of short reach & drop, price, and weight. She also like the ergo-shape.