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UK purchases????(4 posts)

UK purchases????robocomp
Jul 15, 2002 5:49 PM
want to purchase set of mavic ksyriums scc sl from and they want $558 which includes shipping fee. Does anyone know if there are any hidden tariffs, taxes, fees into the states? thanks much
re: UK purchases????lnin0
Jul 15, 2002 7:59 PM
How much is the shipping on that?

I just ordered from them and after the original conformation I got an email stating there is an additional carriage charge for overseas heavy items.

The listed shipping was about $35 but I got an email the next day stating the charge would be $77 and asked if I was still interested.

I went ahead and said yes, mainly because the Tour Special they are running which gives you free tyres of your choice. This is close to $75-100 savings depending on what tyre you select so to me it makes up for the high shipping fee. Even with the extra charge the wheels are still cheaper than any U.S. retailer I have found.

I gave them the go ahead Friday when I got home from work and today got an email saying they would go ahead and dispatch the order asap via UPS. So I am still waiting to see how long shipping actually takes.
Import dutyboneman
Jul 16, 2002 1:19 AM
In theory, you will have to pay import duty for goods of non-US origin brought into the US. The reality is that the enforcement, especially for smaller amounts of goods is sporadic and lax. Some will get charged and some won't.

The bill of lading/notice is attached to your package by the seller which includes a declaration of value. The shipper, upon receipt in the US notifies US Customs. If there's no response, they complete the shipment. If there is, the duty is assessed based upon the declared value times the rate (see US Customs website) but I think for wheels it's 5% of the declared value. The shipper then notifies you of the import duty and upon payment, completes the shipment.
this will be my second order from the UKbuffalosorrow
Jul 16, 2002 3:07 AM
My friend and I order custom bikes along with odds and ends.
The was the initial shipping fee (aprox. $100) then the internationl customs fee (aprox. $37). I am under the impression that there are different brackets regarding custom fees depending on value and what the object is, the shop we deal with always ships us the package declared as exercise equipment (I am unsure if there is no bicycle declaration or the customs proceedure simply works better and possibly cheaper this way). None the less the customs fee, paid in full to USPS I think was $37 on a grand total of roughly $2000. The second package will be shipped off this week, I will post the total, shipping and customs fee.

Shipping times vary on what coast you are on, the standard is 5- 7 business days.