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Campy Chorus BB and Ultegra cranks - will it work?(2 posts)

Campy Chorus BB and Ultegra cranks - will it work?trimble
Jul 14, 2002 4:32 PM
I added this post earlier (or so I thought). So I entered it again.

I've checked the archives - didn't find an answer.

I just picked up a really nice Basso frameset. It has a Chorus BB installed. The seller told me that my old Ultegra 600 crankset will work as the axle is square and will fit the Ultegra crank arms.

I thought I'd ask the roadbikereview community for their input and experience with Chorus BB and Ultegra cranks compatibility.

Worky/no worky?
re: Campy Chorus BB and Ultegra cranks - will it work?curlybike
Jul 14, 2002 5:07 PM
If it was the right length spindle, which it isn't, it still would not work properly. Campy spindles are smaller at the start of the taper. This will cause the crank to go up further on the taper until the end of the spindle hits the back of the washer under the crank bolt. The crank arm will not have the correct tightness and the chainline would not be as expected. The chorus crank is either 111 or 102 mm long. The ultegra 600 should be 115. I hope that this is adequate and not too wordy.