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problem breaking chain(6 posts)

problem breaking chainwolfereeno
Jul 14, 2002 3:12 PM
I've snapped my chain twice in under 400 miles. Brand new bike built by an experienced shop - Kestrel with Ultegra. I weigh about 165 and am somewhat of a pedal masher but I don't think I'm that strong! I've never broken a chain on other bikes.

So the first time it broke, I removed the link that popped. Maybe the link I connected back failed for the second time. Don't really know - next time I'll mark the link I fix. But could there be anything wrong that could cause this such as burrs on the cogs or something?

re: problem breaking chainwolfereeno
Jul 14, 2002 3:17 PM
Just one more bit of info. Before the chain snapped the bike started shifting wierdly. clicking, skipping, shifting on it's own. I think it's because the link was starting to stick out a little at that point.
You need to use a shimano replacement pinspookyload
Jul 14, 2002 8:42 PM
When you put the chain back together, you are supposed to use a replacement pin, then break off the stub that is sticking out. They are a one time only deal, and by reusing it you probably created the weak spot. Lots of people don't believe they are necessary, but all shimano chains I have seen fail are because they didn't use the pin like shimano said. My personal preference is the Sram chain with the nifty powerlink. It has never failed on me, and I think the chain shifts better.
well, I think SRAM shifts a bit worse, but I use it anyway,weiwentg
Jul 15, 2002 5:00 AM
because I broke a 105 chain TWICE in under 400 bloody miles, and I weigh A HUNDRED AND TWENTY POUNDS. and while the first break was from a sticking-out link, the second WASN'T, and when someone my weight breaks chains ...
the 105 chain landed up in the garbage bin. the PC59 that replaced it doesn't shift as smoothly, but it shifts, and I've yet to snap a PC59.
well, I think SRAM shifts a bit worse, but I use it anyway,eddie m
Jul 15, 2002 6:02 AM
All narrow chains are really fussy to put together. I use SRAMs and Rohloff only. Thr Rohloff shifts well but it's real expensive. Use the special connector links that come with the chain. Narrow chains frequently have peened over pins that will not be strong enough if a pin as pressed in without peening, and in any event the pins are so short that any minor misalignment will cause them to fail.
Operator Errorgrzy
Jul 15, 2002 2:29 PM
As pointed out above it all comes down to how the chain is put together. Sure it looks simple and it pretty much is, but there are a couple common mistakes. You have to use the right tools and you must use the proper pins. Never break a chain in the same place twice. If your connection doesn't look perfect then it isn't. It's easy to mess one up even if you're experienced. At 120# you don't weigh enough to break a properly joined chain.