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Fizik Aliante - Problems with fittings(4 posts)

Fizik Aliante - Problems with fittingsPDXer
Jul 14, 2002 10:48 AM
My ride is a Kestrel Talon and I decided that I needed a more comfortable seat after a 75 mile ride last week that had me walking funny the next day. So I decided to bite the bullet and get the Fizik Aliante.

After I get it home, I find out the rails are 8 mm thick (I measured it with calipers), which is about 1 mm thicker than the rails on the Selle Italia Gel saddle which was stock on my bike. Because of the way the clamp on my post is designed, that extra mm prevented me from being able to fit it on the post. I would get another post, BUT the seatpost on the Talon is proprietary. It has a tearshaped design (as opposed to round).

Anyhow, I figured there had to be other seatposts that had this same problem and was wondering if anyone had a solution. I've already e-mailed Kestrel about it, but it's the weekend so I probably won't hear back from them for awhile. I'm praying that they make a clamp (or CAN make one) that will allow for a slightly thicker rail.
re: Fizik Aliante - Problems with fittingsrobocomp
Jul 14, 2002 6:49 PM
Along similar lines, does anyone know if the fizik aliante with carbon rails will work with a Chorus Ti seatpost???? Anyone with experience? thanks
re: Fizik Aliante - Problems with fittingsPDXer
Jul 14, 2002 7:48 PM
what i've figured out is that it appears to only work with seatposts that have a vertical clamp system WITHOUT a peg. this allows for a slight variation in rail diameter. this includes MOST seatposts.

however, there are seatposts (like mine) where the clamps close horizontally and a screw runs through the center to hold the free floating clamps on both sides. with this clamp system, there is no room for a rail larger than 7 mm in diameter.

well, i'm still awaiting a response from kestrel to see if they can or will help me. seems to me to be a simple fix. all they'd have to do is send me a couple of clamp pieces with a lower screw hole which would increase the clamp distance or carve out the clamp groove a millimeter higher. i'd GLADLY pay the cost for these pieces. seems to me that the aliante CAN'T be the only seat out there with a larger diameter rail, can it???

this is a rather odd problem, since it's never seem to come up in saddle discussions before. you hear about seatpost diameters, handlebar diameters, etc. but saddle rail diameters??

in the meantime, i've stuck it on my mountain bike, which also had the same problem, but luckily i had my old seatpost lying around which didn't have an issue with rail diameters. btw, this seat IS in fact every bit as comfortable as the hype says it is. i will post a review after a few more rides, but i have to say so far, i LOVE IT. it ranks up there with my clipless pedals and front shock as MVC (most valuable components). i guess for $180, it'd better, eh?
I've got one on a chorus post. It works. nmbill
Jul 15, 2002 7:20 AM