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campagnolo cassettes(4 posts)

campagnolo cassettesbuffalosorrow
Jul 13, 2002 7:25 PM
Is it possible to fit a eight speed cassette on a 9/10 hub, with the aid of a spacer? Given that all components are campy.
Also what are the possibilities of chorus ergo 8 levers being rebuilt as 9 speed compatible. I have heard there is some fuss involved, that some will work and others will not, how can particular ones be identified?
re: campagnolo cassettescurlybike
Jul 13, 2002 8:12 PM
THe 8's are entirely different than the 9-10 cassettes. The splines are way different. Go to Branford bike or There is a link to branford at campyonly.
Convert Campagnolo 9 or 10 Speed hubs to Campagnolo 8 Speedbuffalosorrow
Jul 14, 2002 4:58 AM
Convert Campagnolo 9 or 10 Speed hubs to Campagnolo 8 Speed

The Wheels Manufacturing Shift-8 spacing kit will allow you to convert a Campagnolo 9 or 10 speed cassette to a Campagnolo 8 speed cassette.
Your new, 8 speed cassette, will shift perfectly with all Campagnolo 8 speed rear derailleurs and Campagnolo 8 speed shifters.
You do not need to change the freehub, or as it is sometimes called, the cassette body for this kit to work.
This kit now comes with 6 fat aluminum alloy, 1 thinner alloy spacer and 1 steel shim. The above photo shows an older Shift-8 kit.
You will also need to purchase a Campagnolo, loose cog, 9 speed cassette. Simply drop one of the largest cogs, and switch the original amber colored spacers with the Wheels alloy spacers. Save the Campagnolo amber spacers and the last cog in case you decide to upgrade to 9 speeds in the future.
The thinner alloy washer goes behind your largest cog and prevents the rear derailleur from contacting the spokes. The thin steel shim goes between your smallest, or first position cog and the second postion cog. First position cogs have a built in spacer. The steel shim widens this space to 8 speed width.
For best shifting use a Rohloff 8 speed chain.
Designed for use with all Campagnolo 9 and 10 speed factory built wheels and all Campagnolo 9 and 10 speed hubs. Will also work on other brands of hubs and wheels if they accept genuine Campagnolo 9 speed cassettes.
Proudly made in the USA by Wheels Manufacturing.
Convert Campagnolo 9 or 10 Speed hubs to Campagnolo 8 Speededdie m
Jul 14, 2002 9:03 AM
A Campy 8 speed cassette will fit on a 9/10 Speed hub, but not the reverse. The spline on a 9 or 10 speed cog has an extra tab that prevents it from going on an 8 speed hub. the diffence in width between an 8 and a 9/10 speed cassette is small enough to be taken up by the lockring.
If you want to upgrade to 9 speed, you need to change the cam in the right lever. (or .com?) has a description of that. There are 2 different 8 speed deraileirs. If you have an early 8 speed you need a new derailleur, but if you have a 2001 or so 8 speed you only need the two deraileur wheels.
I used the Wheels spacer kit to go from 8 to 9speed but I used new levers, because mine were pretty damaged in a crash. It works fine with the Rohloff chain. The 8 speed front deraileur shifted poorly with that chain, but I bent the front tabs of the cage to make it narrower, and now it works fine.