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What a pain in the a**. Building up a bike, waiting for the(1 post)

What a pain in the a**. Building up a bike, waiting for thebill
Jul 13, 2002 8:13 AM
rest of the components, and I figure I'll slap together the fork, headset, and the cheap stem I bought to kind of get started. Ouzo Pro fork, Record headset. What could be easier? Ten minutes and back to Tour coverage.
Wrongo. The top cone is supposed to fit over a little plastic "adjustor," a kind of a ring/flange that holds the cone in place on the steerer, in a little assembly that is all supposed to then slide down over the steerer. I could get the cone over the plastic adjustor, and I could the plastic adjustor over the steerer, but I could not get all three to work together. Okay, a little grease on the steerer. Not. The tolerances were just too tight. I tried. I sweat. I cussed. I finally got out the mallet. No go.
I finally had to sand the inside of the plastic adjustor to get it to fit over the steerer while the plastic adjustor was inside the cone.
Then, the top cover wouldn't fit over the assembly, so I had to do a little more sanding of the plastic on the OUTSIDE flange parts to get the top cover to fit right. It's still not perfect, but I went to bed.
What a pain in the ass.