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Oversize (31.7) handlebars and Aerobars?(2 posts)

Oversize (31.7) handlebars and Aerobars?docats
Jul 10, 2002 5:42 PM
I have a pair of deda magic handle bars which are oversize (31.7) and am looking for a set of aero bars to fit. I have been old the only thing out there is deda's own aero bars. Does anyone know of any manufactured aero bars that will fit my oversize handle bars. Is there something in the manufacting pipeline from synatace, profile, ttt, etc. I know I could get ambitious and retrofit (cut out the existing clamp) on set of standard aero bars but would prefer to get something made for use on oversized handlebars. I really do not want replace my handle bars and stem if I can help it. Please pass on any advice if you should have it with this particular problem.
re: Oversize (31.7) handlebars and Aerobars?MasterTi
Jul 11, 2002 9:47 AM
I was in the same situation as you until this week.

There are pictures of Mario C riding his Specialized with 3t Zepp bars and clip-ons in the Specialized advertisements in Velo-News, but I got no replies when I e-mailed Aqua-Sapone regarding who makes these clip-ons. I e-mailed Cinelli last year, and was told nothing was in the works to allow use of their Spinaccis on oversized bars. Profile says they're working on something to allow the Jammers to work on oversized bars, but didn't give a date regarding availability.

After this search, I ended up buying a set of Deda Clip-Ones. So far, so good.

Hope this helps you, and good luck in your search.