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9 spd Campy cassette on Ksyrium(2 posts)

9 spd Campy cassette on Ksyriumlnin0
Jul 10, 2002 6:39 AM
I just orders a set of Ksyrium Elites with the Campy freewheel. However, I have to get my cassette from another company and was looking at the various prices.

Nashbar has the Veloce cassettes on sale right now for $30 - will those work with the Ksyrium wheels or do I need to get the more expensive Chorus Ed 9 Spd cassette?

Weight is really not an issue since the Ksyrium Elites are not all that light anyway - nor is my arse.

Also. Do those come with the lockring or is that with the wheels?
Any Campy cassette should fitMcAndrus
Jul 10, 2002 10:48 AM
As long as the Ksyriums are using a Campy compatible hub, any Campy cassette should work. The spline design is the same across all the models.

As to lock rings - if memory serves, one should come with the wheels.