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True Temper/AME Alpha Q Carbon steerer users....(4 posts)

True Temper/AME Alpha Q Carbon steerer users....SS_MB-7
Jul 9, 2002 10:41 AM
I'm considering the True Temper/AME Alpha Q cyclocross fork, but I am not sure whether to get the carbon or titanium steerer. So, I have a question to those with the carbon steerer.....can it be cut to length? From the picture and description on the website (shown below) , the fork comes pre-installed with the required star-nut.

Since I am relatively short (5'6"), I always need to remove some steerer tube from my forks. From the picture, it looks like the "INSERT" can be removed from the fork temporarily, the carbon steerer cut to length, and the insert re-installed. Is this correct? Is there a limit to the amount the steerer can be cut so that the "insert" does not bottom-out?

Also, what is the weight difference between the carbon and Ti steerers?

I'm only 135lbs so I'd likely go with the carbon IF it can be cut to length.

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
re: True Temper/AME Alpha Q Carbon steerer users....davet
Jul 9, 2002 11:17 AM
Mike: I have an AME fork with a carbon steerer. The steertube is first cut to the correct length, then the insert is glued into place with epoxy. The insert is permanent. A good bike shop can handle this for you if you can't. Having the insert ensures that the headset can be adjusted properly and that excessive spacers won't cause a problem.
Thanks. A couple more questions....SS_MB-7
Jul 9, 2002 11:34 AM

Thanks for the info....that makes sense.

I assume the epoxy is provided with the fork with a detailed set of mixing and application instructions, right? Did you do it yourself or did you have your LBS do it?

Why did you select the carbon over the titanium steerer?

Ride Hard,
Mike B.
Thanks. A couple more questions....davet
Jul 9, 2002 2:32 PM
Mike: I can do most anything on a bike, but I had never had a carbon steerer fork or one that has an insert. So I paid my LBS to do it for me, it wasn't expensive, didn't take long and it was done right. The reason for the carbon steer tube was for fun; the bike was an all carbon bike, a Calfee. I'm not a weight weenie and I could have as easily chosen Ti, which I would have done if I was putting the fork on a Ti bike.