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ergobrain?(2 posts)

ergobrain?Corey VR6
Jul 7, 2002 12:59 PM
Anyone using the campy ergobrain computer? Is it worth the price? and what does it do that cheaper computers do not?
I like the gear display ...Merckx fan
Jul 8, 2002 4:50 PM
I like to know if I have a bigger (or sometimes a smaller) cog left before I try to shift to it.

The stop watch is OK also; I like to time myself up the final climb to my house that I ride when my route takes me south of home. I can time that segment and see time, distance, average & max speed for just the period when the stopwatch was running. The lever buttons are great, no need to move a hand to change displayed info or start/stop the stopwatch.

Dislikes: it's awkward to change to some submodes like Max speed and clock. I also wish the clock just showed hours & minutes -- time of day to the second is a bit of overkill imo. I really wish the unit could derive approximate cadence from the current speed & gear ratio, since I chose not to install the cadence sensor. The display could be a bit friendlier for those of us with aging eyes. The numerals are ok, but the decimal point and the colons that separate Hours:Minutes:Seconds are practically invisible to me.

Worth the price? I just know I don't regret buying mine.