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Spoke tension help!(1 post)

Spoke tension help!Proboscis
Jul 7, 2002 6:28 AM
Recently purchased a Corima Carbon Aero tubular wheelset, 12 spokes front, 24 rear. This is a race wheelset only,650c for my Triathlon/TT bike. They arrived very much out of true(probably the long journey from France). The spoke tension for the front wheel seems to be very low for only 12 spokes. I have built wheels before, but never less than 20 spokes. The spoke tension can only be adjusted through the bottom of the rim, so once I glue the sew-up on, there will be no way to re-tension them(at least not without removing the tire). This is a new one on me, it is an all carbon rim so I am a little unfamiliar as to what the strength of the carbon fiber around the nipple is, as opposed to aluminum. Anybody have any advise? Thanks.