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How bad is Sora, really?(6 posts)

How bad is Sora, really?daneil
Jul 5, 2002 10:52 AM
look, i'm mountain biker in nyc and i'm thinking about getting a road bike, 'cause there isn't a whole lot of dirt around here. i don't have the $ right now to drop on a dream bike, i'm just keeping it simple. I like the look (and price) of the Motobecane Record and KHS Alite 500. My question is, is Sora really that bad? And does anyone have any input on these frames. If the frames are good then i'll just upgrade as stuff breaks, if not i'm probably going with a Pista or some other track bike. Thanks guys.
It's the Acera of road bikes. (nm)Spoke Wrench
Jul 5, 2002 11:08 AM
Meaning what? I have '97 Acera components that work fine. (nm)czardonic
Jul 5, 2002 12:09 PM
I'd go track, but Sora isn't the end of the world.czardonic
Jul 5, 2002 12:33 PM
I can't speak to the durability of Sora, but I would imagine that it is on par with any other low end Shimano product: adequate for the average rider.

A major functional draw-back to Sora is that you can not shift while riding in the drops as you can with Tiagra and above shifters. One of the shifting elements is reduced to a tiny nub, which can only be accessed while your hand is on the hood. This is vastly inferior to full STI shifters, where both shifting elements are integrated into the lever itself and can thus be accessed from either position. On the other hand, it is still an improvement over down-tube or stem shifters.

If you have a lot of hills or want to do long, leisurely rides, I would just go with Sora (or find Tiagra or 105 on sale, or buy used).

If you are riding around the city, I might consider a track bike (with brakes!). They are a blast to ride, a great workout, and low maintnance. Also, you can get higher overall quality for less money, since you aren't paying for a fair number of parts.
Jul 6, 2002 12:04 AM
The inability to shift is ahuge problem. Also since Sora is 8 speed and ever other group is 9, it means you can't upgrade easily. If you think you might like road biking, don't get Sora.
re: How bad is Sora, really?twikkie
Jul 5, 2002 5:43 PM
hey...sora ain't too bad. I bought a bike w/sora components and rode the hell out of 'em. in one year I probably put close to around 12,000 miles on em. the botom line--they held held up well. they shifted well, endured much abuse, and while i couldn't reach the upshift from the drops, it didn't matter all that much if yer bike handling skills are decent. While in the drops, just reach up with the appropriate hand...and voila! I've since upgraded to full D/A..and there is no doubt a huge difference, but for a beginning roadbike, the value is great. I' have nothing but good things to say. the cranks are stiff, the derailleurs (although the rear is part plastic!!!) were just fine. All of the above are a little heavier, but we're talking a couple of hundred grams altogether. go with it!