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Wheel Upgrade for Cannondale R700?(5 posts)

Wheel Upgrade for Cannondale R700?mark_2811
Jul 4, 2002 1:15 PM

I'm getting a Cannondale R700 but it will take a few days to come in. The wheels it comes with are Mavic CXP21 with Cannondale hubs. I was thinking of upgrading but I'm not sure what to choose. Can anyone suggest an upgrade that isn't too expensive but would be a significant step up in performance? I'm fairly heavy (185lbs) so I don't want to sacrifice too much strength for light weight. Any suggestions are appreciated!

re: Wheel Upgrade for Cannondale R700?xar77
Jul 4, 2002 5:50 PM
I'd just keep those wheels something happens to them. The Cannondale hubs use a sealed cartridge bearing. In the Shimano line you have to have at least an Ultegra hub to have sealed cartridge, and those are expensive. The rims are pretty decent as well. You can definitaly find a nicer wheel, but not without spending a good amount of cash or buying used. If you really want something nicer, save your cash and wait until something happens to this set.
Jul 4, 2002 8:23 PM
Neither Shimano or Campagnolo uses cartridge bearings in their upper end hubs. The reason that small manufacturers use cartridge bearings is because it is CHEAPER to do so. Campy and Shimano are cups and cones - the way it should be.
On the Coda hubs - I never had any luck with them (MTB version - bad freehubs) but its not worth it to replace them outright. The rims are fine as well. This is not the lightest or most aero combo going but if you are looking for an inexpensive upgrade that you will really notice you may be spinning your wheels (pardon the pun). You could build up a set of Dura Ace on Open Pro's or the like and save a little weight for around $300 but true "boutique" wheels like Ksyriums, etc will set you back $700 (or $550+ when purchased from overseas).
Just ride these till they die or the cash in your pocket is really burning a hole.
would personally agreeweiwentg
Jul 5, 2002 1:31 AM
unless you're a super-competitive equipment freak die hard racer type.
if so, Ks or Neutrons. can't go wrong with either. DA hubs on Aeroheads will probably provide 95% of the performance at a much lower price.
re: Wheel Upgrade for Cannondale R700?aliensporebomb
Jul 5, 2002 3:00 AM
I've got CXP21's on my Giant TCR2 and they really aren't bad at all. I've read on
the net reports of guys breaking spokes on these wheels but so far I've not had any
difficulties. And I'm not the lightest person on the planet, about 223 lbs right now.

I wouldn't go jumping curbs on them but I think they'll more than do the trick for
the time being.

Ksyriums really LOOK trick but at that kind of money they should be hand
delivered by pouting supermodels. I'm sure the performance is great but I
don't dare ever try them since I'll want them then.

As far as the R700 goes - a good choice. I nearly bought one, a really nice bike.
The local dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse on the TCR and the fit was
just a bit better (it was a small and I've got short stubby legs and a tall torso).