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What do I need to upgrade to 9speed and STI?(3 posts)

What do I need to upgrade to 9speed and STI?Skyeward
Jul 3, 2002 9:54 PM
there is a nice oldish Bianchi that a friend wants to sell me for $250. I've checked the bike out and it looks to be a great deal. I was wondering what would be in involved in upgrading to a "modern" 9speed, STI setup (the bike currently has 7speed, downtube shifters.) Here's what I THINK I would need, as the bare bones upgrade (but I'm a newbie at this bike stuff so I don't know for sure):

STI shifters
cable stops (for downtube)

is the anything I'm missing? Do I need to replace both derailluers or just the rear? What about the crank, BB, and free-hub? Please fill me in on any compatibility issues.

Keep in mind I am trying to figure out what the LEAST I could spend/install to start out would be. I would love to upgrade everything, but money is tight.

Thanks a bunch,


P.S. (I'm using to figure prices)
re: What do I need to upgrade to 9speed and STI?DrD
Jul 4, 2002 4:47 AM
I believe to do the upgrade from 7spd, you also will need a new rear wheel (a 9spd cassette is wider than a 7spd - you need a bigger hub) - you might also need to spread the rear triangle of the frame, as it won't be spaced properly for a 9spd. hub. You will also need a 9spd. chain to work with the 9spd cassette. The crankset is probably a good idea as the 9spd chain is narrower than the 7spd, but you might be able to do without.

For the other stuff, if you buy the levers, they come with the cable stops and cables, so you won't need to purchase them independently.
Measure the rear triangle.Spoke Wrench
Jul 4, 2002 6:12 AM
If your rear wheel has a cassette, and not a spin-on freewheel, the chances are it's also got 130mm spacing. That's a good thing. It means that if you're up to a little more mechanical work, you can just buy an 8/9 speed freehub body and convert your current wheel. Wheel conversion will involve removing a spacer from the left side of the axle and redishing.

I havn't found it necessary to change cranksets when converting to 9-speed. I havn't had good luck using an 7/8 speed front derailleur when converting a triple, but I'm told double cranksets shift fine using the older front derailleur. I'm also not convinced you need a new rear derailleur. I havn't personally tried it, but the rear derailleur shifts by the center of the chain, so I think it might work.

The big money is in the STI levers and, if necessary, the rear wheel. If you value your money more highly than your time, I'd try it with your old derailleurs first and see if you can get it to work to your satisfaction.

If you're both handy and lucky you may only need:
STI levers
freehub body
handlebar tape

Let us all know how it comes out.