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breaking campy 10sp chain(3 posts)

breaking campy 10sp chaintemplecat
Jul 3, 2002 6:21 AM
I'm trying to drive out two of the pins outta my campy 10 chain to install a quick link. The pins are so fat that they are larger than the hole that the pin would normally be driven into - thus a no go.

Any creative solutions to this dilemma?
( I tried putting in a spacer but it keeps trying to squirt out)


removing the permalink pins??C-40
Jul 3, 2002 8:22 AM
The pins on a Campy 10 chain are the same diameter as any other chain, so I assume that you are trying to remove the pins in the permalink, which have very thin heads that are larger in diameter. Most people just use a regular chain tool. If you apply enough pressure the pin heads will break off. The other alternative is to use a small grinding wheel mounted in an electric drill and grind the heads off. I've done both.

The other pins in a campy chain can be removed with any good chain tool.

Don't leave the permalink in, and place the new connector link at a different location, as one person recently suggested. The idea is to get rid of the potential source of failure (the permalink).
re: breaking campy 10sp chainKen
Jul 8, 2002 1:52 PM
A permalink can be delinked using a regular chain tool by pushing the pin out from the back side of the link.