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Alternate use of rear wheels without derailleur adjustment?(8 posts)

Alternate use of rear wheels without derailleur adjustment?Markus_B
Jul 3, 2002 4:39 AM
The main reason for me to buy a second wheelset (or at least a second rear wheel) is that I would like to change sprocket cassettes easier (12 - 27 for the hills of my hometown vs. 11 - 23 for flat areas).

But I wonder if the position of the sprockets on hubs of different manufacturers will exactly match - or if I will have to adjust the rear derailleur every time I change the wheel.

I know that I have to pay attention to the brakes, too, but I can handle that by choosing a rim with nearly the same width and by testing whether the outer diameter is the same on both wheels (which it should be but you never know ...)

I currently ride Mavic's Ksyriums with Ultegra cassettes and would like to buy a Campa Nucleon wheel or a wheel with a Tune hub.

Any experiences?
Make sure the hub and cassette are Shimano compatibleMcAndrus
Jul 3, 2002 5:26 AM
I believe Campy makes a Nucleon with a Shimano compatible hub. Just make sure what you get is Shimano compatible and it will work.
It's all in the spacing...Quack
Jul 3, 2002 5:40 AM
The ability to swap wheels without derailleur adjustment depends solely on the spacing of the cassette from the right rear dropout. In my experience with about 7 sets of wheels, you either need to buy the same hubs, custom make hub spacers so that the hubs match perfectly, or get really lucky. Derailleurs don't leave much room for error. A tenth off and shifting suffers. Usually, you can adjust the difference between wheels using the barrel adjuster on the derailleur, or if they are real close, the downtube fine adjustment. If you swap wheels often, you will learn how many clicks on the barrel to set up the new wheel from experience and won't have to fish back and forth.
Should be OK.Spoke Wrench
Jul 3, 2002 5:44 AM
The key is the distance between the lock nut and the smallest cog. Everything else is indexed from that point. While most of my experience has been with various Shimano hubs, I've been able to mix and match wheels without making derailleur adjustments.
re: Wife and I do it all the timedzrider
Jul 3, 2002 6:45 AM
We both have Campy triple, 9spd drive trains. We keep an old Ultegra wheel with 12-27 gears for mountains or carrying loads and use it with no or nearly no adjustments. Friends with Shimano drive trains have not been able to make this work with our Campy wheels.
re: Alternate use of rear wheels without derailleur adjustment?merckx56
Jul 3, 2002 3:06 PM
as long as it's nine speed shimano, there is NO problem! i swap mavic and shimano 9 speed wheels almost every ride and have NEVER had to adjust the derailleur! you may run into problems with campy hubs though.
Tanks for your replies. So I conclude ...Markus_B
Jul 4, 2002 3:23 PM
that sometimes it works but sometimes not.

To avoid all adjusting (hopefully), I ordered a comparatively cheap 2000 Ksyrium rear wheel.

Which, by the way, seems to be more aerodynamic than my 2002 Ksyrium SL (according to the tests performed by "tour", a German magazine). Thus the 2000 wheel will be the one to carry the 11/23 cassette.
You can make it work.Chen2
Jul 5, 2002 6:33 AM
It will work perfectly if you get everything set up right. If you are going to use Shimano 9-speed shifters, use only shimano 9-speed compatible hubs and cassettes or at least spaced that way. Between my wife and I we use 5 sets of wheels on our two 9-speed bikes. The only thing I have to adjust sometimes is the magnet - sensor spacing for the computers.