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Any experience with Wipperman chains?(2 posts)

Any experience with Wipperman chains?BenR
Jun 30, 2002 10:41 PM
I've worn out my first 2001 Campy 10 speed chain and am thinking about going with the wipperman or other afternarket chains. The Campy chain seems to work fine, got lots of mileage out of it but don't trust the fragile, fussy, and expensive power-link. Was just curious as to what others thought of wipperman compared to Campy regarding shifting, longetivity, ease of removal from the bike, best bang for the buck, ect. thanks.
Wipperman works well for me..Old_school_nik
Jul 1, 2002 4:02 AM
I got the Wipperman 10 sp nickel plated for my Chorus 10 speed - the Connex Link is very easy to use and the chain perfroms very, very well. I have not found it to be noisy as other have on this board. Also, there has been a lot of good stuff posted about the Wipperman chains on this board - if you go back through the topics there are at least a dozen opoins on after market chains - withthe Wipper's getting very high marks on ths board.