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squeaky Campy pro-fit pedals(3 posts)

squeaky Campy pro-fit pedalsflashgj
Jun 30, 2002 2:20 PM
I have Chorus pro-fit pedals with about 5,000 miles. They have become very squeaky where cleat makes contact with pedal. I have tried new plastic spacer on cleats, grease/lube and even keeping very clean, and the squeak always returns. It is starting to drive me crazy. Anyone have ideas of things to try, or any experience with these pedals that may be able to help.
re: squeaky Campy pro-fit pedalsPaulCL
Jul 1, 2002 5:02 AM
I have Record pro-fit with about 5000 miles with an occasional squeak.

A few idea:
Armorall the cleat and pedal
remove the pedal from the spindle and re-grease
Make sure you used the sandpaper thing to mount the cleats on your shoes. That's were my squeak was.
Try new cleats. Maybe its' your old cleats???
Get earplugs

good luck. Paul
re: squeaky Campy pro-fit pedalsSintesi
Jul 1, 2002 12:48 PM
I have this problem. Used a dry silicone spray and problem goes away for about 2 weeks. I found the squeak was actually coming from where the cleat contacts the "hook" at the front of the pedal so this is the only part I spray. Incidentally, I found that grease or Armorall on the soft rubber part created a squeak.

That was my solution. Hope it works for you.