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Hed H3 and Hed Disc(3 posts)

Hed H3 and Hed DiscCharlesTT
Jun 29, 2002 5:58 PM
Road bike review has not made sections available to review these wheels. I have seen them used at many time trials and for the H3, many road races and crits. I just need to know if people have had any problems with the front H3. I also need to know if you have noticed a difference in strength between the superlight disc and the regular disc. If you are going to tell me to buy a different wheel then please do not respond. Thanks.
re: Hed H3 and Hed DiscCarbon fiber fanatik
Jun 29, 2002 6:25 PM
i have a set of hed 3's... honestly? I wont buy another set of wheels.. they are awesome, no problems thus far. I use them on every ride. They are also holding up well on these rough roads where i ride. You wont be disapointed with the purchase. I cant offer an opinion on the disc version...
re: Hed H3 and Hed DiscAkirasho
Jun 29, 2002 9:46 PM
... no problems with either an H3 or the SuperLite...

I run a clincher H3 up front and a SuperLite on the rear of a TT bike. I've had no physical issues with either (both wheels are relatively low milage affairs, but show no signs of wear and tear after 1.5 years). I'm a larger rider.

Much of their popularity stems out of the "bang for your bucks" scenario... a bit of a tradeoff on weight, for good aerodynamics (I also run a few ZIPP products).

Obviously, you'd only use the SuperLite at appropriate races (TT/Tri) over appropriate terrain (relatively flat or rolling)... and to a degree... the same with the H3 (curious about the new HED H3D disc). I know you said in your post not to suggest different wheels so I won't... just make sure the H3's (I've never run H3's front and rear... tubulars being lightest) are appropriate for your applications... Also, make sure you install the H3's correctly so's not to be ridiculed by others at the end of a race when they notice that your airfoil is backwardz!!!

Good Luck!

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