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Another wheel upgrade question(4 posts)

Another wheel upgrade questionTomS
Jun 28, 2002 6:32 AM
I did some searches and found a few threads where the general consensus is that there's not much of a ride difference going from stock wheels with cxp21's to a hand built set with something like open pro's... but if that's the case, then why would somone upgrade? I always hear that wheels are the best things to upgrade, but I'm kinda confused. Is it not worth it unless you get into the really expensive sets like ksyriums or the higher end rolf or velocity models?

I have cxp21's with campy veloce hubs, and I'm looking into getting something lighter and maybe stiffer. I only weigh around 135 lbs so I don't need anything super strong, but I also don't want something crazy light that will need true-ing all the time.

I don't want to start another "boutique" vs. "hand built" thread either, if possible! I'd like to stay under $400, I was looking at open pros with record hubs from ColoradoCyclist; and maybe campy protons. But if they wouldn't be a significant upgrade then it's not really worth it to me... I was also looking at american classic wheels, but I'm not sure if they're hubs are campy compatible, the website doesn't mention it.

any ideas? thanks!
no upgradestr8dum1
Jun 28, 2002 8:55 AM
people are not upgrading, they are swapping. Your campy wheels are just fine. an up grade is buying a set of race only wheels such as zipp etc.

an upgrade is when u drop weight or increase aero. so unless you go with an all carbo rim you will not see any difference in a wheelset less than 400$.

why buy another training wheelset?? (ie open pros or any other non aero box/shallow section rimwith any hub)
significant? probably not, but....Jekyll
Jun 28, 2002 10:58 AM
You could easily build a set of light, durable wheels at under $400 but I am not sure if you would honestly notice a "significant" difference once they are on the bike. One must quality though what one considers significant. To me, if you could save a couple hundred grams that would be worth while (probably much more psychologically than in actual performance). No one can really define the significant part for you. A set of Zipp 404's is not significantly faster or stronger (probably weaker) than a set of well built Record/OP for the majority of the riding public. The extra handful of seconds they may be worth in a 20k time trial is not significant to me but would be rather significant to a person who takes racing seriously. I'd still love to have a set of 404's - to make me feel better which is significant in itself - I just can't get bring myself to blow the cash (and my girlfriend knows what they cost :-(.
re: Another wheel upgrade questionChen2
Jun 28, 2002 11:37 AM
I have a set with Open Pro rims on King hubs with 32 DT Revolution spokes 3X, another set of OP's on Shimano 600 hubs with 36 Revolutions 3X, and a set with CXP 21 rims on Ultegra hubs with generic spokes 3X, and I think you would notice a significant difference. The CXP 21's are pretty heavy. The lighter OP rims with Revolution spokes accelerate better and climb better. The deep section aero rims would still be faster at least on flat rides. But at a higher price.