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Flogging a dead horse: radial lacing ideas(2 posts)

Flogging a dead horse: radial lacing ideasJekyll
Jun 27, 2002 8:48 PM
I'm building up a set of wheels (CXP33 on DA 28 hole - Revolutions front radial and left 2X and 14/15/14 3X drive side). I've built traditional spoke patterns before but never radial. I've heard various opinions on whether the spokes should face in (spoke head on the outside of the hub) or face out on the radial front. In theory facing in ostensibly gives you slightly more aerodynamic wheel (not sure if I buy that - I do think this will look better) while facing out should give a bit more strength and compliance. Any wheel builders have thoughts on this?
Rolf has the spoke heads on the outside.Spoke Wrench
Jun 28, 2002 5:20 AM
I doubt you'll experience much real-world difference either way. The base of the spoke triangle is still going to be quite a bit wider than the rear wheel. Personally, I think that having the spoke heads on the outside looks cleaner.

Good luck!