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Good shoes to use with toe clip pedals?(4 posts)

Good shoes to use with toe clip pedals?Geko
Jun 27, 2002 12:03 PM
What are some that I could use on my fixed gear? I use some Adidas indoor soccer shoes, but the soles still rub on the cranks. What I need are some skinny shoes that wouldn't look very weird off the bike. Or are there some types of pedals that would work better? I'm still too scared to try using clipless pedals on my fixie.

I use cheap MB shoes without the cleatscory
Jun 27, 2002 2:44 PM
I still have toe clips on my commuter and Power Grips on my singlespeed...I bought some Diadora Jalapeno MB shoes from Nashbar for about $40, with small lugs on the soles. They're made for SPD cleats, but I just run them as they came out of the box. They're stiff, light and fine to walk short distances. So far the dirt hasn't come in through the cutouts, but if it did, I'd either cover them with duct tape or fill with hot-melt glue.
Find a true touring shoejtolleson
Jun 28, 2002 6:24 AM
The ATB shoes aren't a bad idea; you can leave the removable rubber piece in place (the one that covers the cleat holes).

But the heavier lugging of a mountain shoe isn't always the best for getting in and out of clips and straps. While a road shoe is good for slipping in and out, there's the biff factor associated with the slick soles.

A few places still sell a true touring shoe... looks like a mtn shoe but more sneaker-like in the tread (but still the stiffness of a low-end bike shoe). Check Nashbar and Performance. Bet you can get 'em pretty cheap.
re: Good shoes to use with toe clip pedals?Sim
Jun 28, 2002 1:38 PM
if you try clipless, you'll just love it. it's safer than what you are using. every person I talk is a bit afraid, but after trying is love at first sight.