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compatibility of pre-2000 campy drivetrain with post 2000(4 posts)

compatibility of pre-2000 campy drivetrain with post 2000slow-ron
Jun 27, 2002 5:01 AM
I know that Campy made a design change to the 2001 shifters & rear derailleur and claims that these do not mix with 1999 & 2000 shifters but I can't figure out why. Even if the parallelogram in the rear derailleur is different, the cassette body has remained the same length and the spacing between cogs is the same.

Here's my objective, I'm trying to swap cam wratchets from a 2001 daytona 10 to a 1999 Chorus 9. I'm not going to bother if the change will adversely affect the shifting in the drivetrain. (I do understand the need for a 10 chain, outer chainring, pulley wheels & plastic piece for front der.)

Any mechanics or Campy fanatics out there ever tried to mix & match pre & post 2000 parts? If so I'd be interested in knowing if it works and if not why.

Try, but I don't see ...Pecos
Jun 27, 2002 6:01 AM
any reason why this woudn't work unless the Ergo housing is a different size internally.
brandford bike...C-40
Jun 27, 2002 11:31 AM

This web site has the details regarding compatibility.
re: compatibility of pre-2000 campy drivetrain with post 2000DaveG
Jun 27, 2002 3:08 PM
As I understand it the rear der. "throw" is different between the older and newer derailleurs. I understand it may be "close enough" for 9 speed although you can change out the cam in the lever. However, if I understand you correctly you want to make your "old" Chorus 9 into 10 speed by changing the cam. I would have guessed that a new rear der would be needed also. Campy claims that the "new" 9 and 10 speed derailleurs are NOT interchangable so I can't imagene the old 9 speed is either. From their site:

"Does the 9s rear derailleur work with the 10s drivetrain?

Absolutely not. There are major problems with lateral clearance and excursion, and with the geometry of the parallelogram."