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Asian Bianchi BB threading.....(7 posts)

Asian Bianchi BB threading.....Dave Hickey
Jun 27, 2002 3:31 AM
I'm look at a 1990 Asian made Bianchi Premio for a fixed gear project. Does anyone know if the BB is Italian or English threading?
Almost certainly ISO/English/BSCCalvin
Jun 27, 2002 4:45 AM
It is very likely to be the ISO / English / BSC common threading. For more on thread standards see
Thanks (nm)Dave Hickey
Jun 27, 2002 4:57 AM
probably english...._rt_
Jun 27, 2002 6:37 AM
mine is......however, mine is a 1999 model, so take my response FWIW!

Quick and dirty way to tellthe dad
Jun 27, 2002 9:26 AM
Measure the bottom bracket width. English BB's are usually 68mm, Italian BB's are 70mm. The inner diameter of the Italian BB is about 1mm larger also.
I agree but I don't have the bike yet......(nm)Dave Hickey
Jun 27, 2002 10:26 AM
re: Asian Bianchi BB threading.....curlybike
Jun 27, 2002 12:00 PM
Well, it is likely that the left cup is R/H remove it and measure it if you can't tell by the bb shell.