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Shoe Sizing Questions(2 posts)

Shoe Sizing QuestionsBluenose1
Jun 26, 2002 3:02 AM
I'm buying my first pair of road shoes and seem to be stuck between two sizes. The shoes are Sidi Irons and a 43 seems too small but the 44 too large, so I tried a 43.5 but there didn't seem to be much more length. They feel fine sitting down, but when I stand up my big toe touches the end of the shoe. How much will they "break in", what about getting the larger size and using a very thin insole(I have very narrow feet)? I guess I'm just looking for advice, opinions, etc. Thanks.
Bigfoot replies: get the big ones.cory
Jun 26, 2002 7:41 AM
I've been wearing too-small cycling shoes most of my life (I've been a solid size 15/50 since the days when 12 was a huge shoe), and my advice is buy the big ones. The standard rule is that cycling shoes should fit snug, but I think you're better off with a little extra room in the store so that when your feet swell (which they'll do, perhaps half a size or more), they still fit. Tight shoes can make a long ride miserable.
You have a little more leeway with leather shoes, which stretch and conform, than with synthetics, which don't, very much. And while shoes break in as far as shape and width, they don't get much longer.