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Where can I find New Rolf Vector Pro rims?(5 posts)

Where can I find New Rolf Vector Pro rims?Phaces
Jun 25, 2002 1:46 PM
I have been trying to find a set of rolf vector pro rims to replace the ones that I have. I can't seem to find anyone that has them. Thanks for your help.
Ebay is best bet..DINOSAUR
Jun 25, 2002 9:46 PM
Since Trek dropped Rolf as their wheel supplier you won't be able to find new ones. Don't know if that many are floating around ebay, try a search. Or consider different wheels, Bontrager now supplies wheels for Trek bikes and they come close to the old Rolf wheels. Don't know what Rolf has for his new line up, havn't heard much from him lately....I clicked on the Rolf site, new wheels for 2002 but no info on how or where to purchase them....have you tried Trek to see if they have any new old stock VC's hanging around?
re: Where can I find New Rolf Vector Pro rims?BD6
Jun 26, 2002 3:07 AM
I love the wheels so much that I bought a set at the very end of last year - I knew I wouldn't be able to get them any longer. I just recently put them on my bike, however will sell them to you for $500. They're in perfect shape, not a thing wrong with them. They have less than 200 miles on them.
re: Where can I find New Rolf Vector Pro rims?wongsifu_mk
Jun 26, 2002 4:45 PM
If you're looking for an anodized red pair I've got a pair with less than 100 miles for very VERY cheap.
Arent they custom drilled Velocity Deep V's?off roadie
Jun 27, 2002 6:13 AM
I remeber hearing something like that, and that is certainly what the Rolf Vector rims LOOK like to me. Velocity sells a wheel that is almost identical to the Rolf now. Drop them a line and see if they can hook you up? Even if its not the same rim, its a good cantidate as a substitute, except that figuring out the required spoke lengths could be a bear.