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Look road cleats with Sidi dominator mountain shoes?(2 posts)

Look road cleats with Sidi dominator mountain shoes?eflayer2
Jun 22, 2002 8:25 PM
Can you use Look cleats with Sidi dominator shoes. Do the normal Look adapters fit either mountain or road shoes? Or is there too much interference from the lugs on the bottom of mountain shoes? Thanks
I'm going to say no.jw25
Jun 26, 2002 7:53 AM
but it might depend on the model of Dominator you have. The 2's and newer only have SPD-type mounts, but an older pair of Sidi's I owned did have look-type mounts, if I remember correctly. None of their mountain shoes use the road adaptor plates, so that idea's out.
The chances are good that the cleat pocket's too small for a look cleat anyway, and they're tall enough you'd still be walking on them off the bike.
If you're touring, I believe there are shoes made (but I don't recall by whom) for look cleats with a recessed cleat, so you can walk around without wearing the cleat down. Or, you can buy cleat covers that add a surprising amount of traction, though you still get to walk like a duck.