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Campy Ergo Problem(2 posts)

Campy Ergo ProblemGeekRoadie
Jun 22, 2002 1:52 AM
So I'm fine-tuning my front derailleur to get a smoother big ring shifts and found something weird...

I've got a problem with my 99' (I think) Mirage shifter. The left shifter doesn't seem to have a strong grip on the cable and is easily released. For example, when I am in the big ring I can pull the cable on the downtube with only a couple pounds of pressure and it goes "click" as it releases the cable (dropping it to the small ring). This isn't a problem with the right shifter, though. Is this normal? I have a hunch that this is causing my slow big-ring shifts since it seems that I don't have enough "throw" in the shifting motion.

Didn't want to open the shifter up yet fearing that I might just booger it up more.

Any ideas?
re: Campy Ergo Problemcurlybike
Jun 22, 2002 11:22 AM
THe index springs in the shifter are getting weak or 1 is broken. has instructions