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creak in my cassette (Record)?(3 posts)

creak in my cassette (Record)?voodoo-1
Jun 21, 2002 7:47 PM
Anyone ever had a creak coming from their cassette? Everything else has been checked out, and listening to it, the noise is coming from the cassette. It is dependant on which cogs I'm in, so why is it making noise, and how do I fix it? Seems to only happen when I'm 4,5,6 down from the top (this is the 10 speed Record, and it's quite in the smaller cogs, and even the larger Ti ones).

Thanks if you can help me, I put a good bit of torque on the wheels but it doesn't take much to make the noise.

voodoo-1 (stinkin' creakin')
Same Prob w/DA FixedB2
Jun 22, 2002 6:47 AM
I had the same thing happen with a DA cassette. With the DA, the largest three cogs are riveted together. The rivets had worked loose and began to creak (only when using those cogs).

Solution - take off the hub and clean it up REALLY good. Apply locktite to the rivets. Let is sit for 24 hours and ride away. Creak gone!

I can't take credit for finding or fixing though - it was my LBS that did a great job resolving the problem.

Had same problem w/Chorus 10BenR
Jun 22, 2002 12:55 PM
I too had creaking from my cassette with the chain in any of the 4-5 smallest cogs. I tried lubing the carrier (which really shouldn't make much difference) and it would work for about 20 miles. I eventually tightened the cassette and it stopped only to continue after a few rides. I kept doing this until I noticed a huge crack in the freehub body to the point where I had trouble removing the cogs.

My LBS got the part warranteed for me - he thought the freehub had a problem in the first place and that it wasn't some moron who overtightened it with a big wrench. I got the replacement and left the cassette very loose. It started creaking again, so I tightened it to a reasonable amount and haven't had problems for roughtly 1000 miles now. So, you might have a defective freehub - take off your cassette and look along the inside corners of the splines. Hope this helps.