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rpm drops while on the drops?(1 post)

rpm drops while on the drops?jarraa
Jun 21, 2002 3:34 PM
Is this normal (while in the saddle)? Everytime i am on the drops I seem to loose some of my cadence! Speed stays the same though (anything above 20mphs on the flats that is). I feel somewhat uncomfortable when I really push up my RPM. And it does not feel like no muscle twitch but more so pressure in the privates. I actually look down and see I am rocking on my groin (normal?). Was thinking of getting a saddle with a hole in it. Would that help. Secondly, when one is in their drops, should all musscles (lower and upper body) be working or not? Lastly, is their any good stretches to relax and elongate the torso. Thanks.