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Rims without eyelets (Aeroheads)(3 posts)

Rims without eyelets (Aeroheads)DY
Jun 18, 2002 11:18 PM
I'm interested in the Velocity Aerohead. My CXP-33's have no eyelets, but they have a insert that gets put into the hole that is kind of like an eyelet or reinforcement. Does the the Aerohead have something similar? Maybe it doesn't need it. Are there any durability problems with the Aeroheads?

Just wondering why some rims have eyelets and others don't seem to need them.
most aero and semi-aero rims have no eyeletsoff roadie
Jun 19, 2002 6:49 AM
My ritchey aero-pro also has no eyelets, nor do Velocity Deep V's. I've used both with no problems- the deep V is on a singlespeed MTB, so its has seen some serious stress.

Most aero rims don't have them, for the obvious reason that they don't fit well at the narrow tip where the spoke holes are. Eyelets distribute the spoke load to the rim a little better, but most rims that don't have eyelets use a thicker spoke bed (where the nipples contact the rim) to make up for that. The rim shape probably also deasl with that sort of stress better.

However, stainless eyelets also help pevent nipples from binding. Aluminum nipples in an aluminum rim with no eyelets can easily bind, so you should always use brass nipples with those sorts of rims, and make extra sure to put plenty of grease / anti seize on the interface so that you can torque them adequitely without rounding.
re: Rims without eyelets (Aeroheads)jw25
Jun 19, 2002 9:31 AM
Actually, the insert in the CXP-33's is considered an eyelet, at least in that it distributes load from the spokes onto both walls of the rim. This allows for less material in the spoke bed, and makes for a lighter rim.
The Aeroheads don't use eyelets, but do have a much thicker spoke bed to add strength there. Somehow, it's done without much weight, if any, and the triangular shape is supposed to stiffen the rim, compared to box-sections like the Open Pro.
I've been riding on a set of Aeroheats (mountain bike version of the Aerohead) for a few months now, and haven't had any problems. I built them up with alloy nipples, and just made sure to grease the nipple seats well.