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measuring headset stack height(3 posts)

measuring headset stack heightmelvill
Jun 18, 2002 7:49 PM
I have a problem. I have a 1992 105 headset that needs replacing and the fork steerer is too short for any new headsets that LBSs have in stock. Anyone know where I can find a web site that shows me how to measure headset stack height both on and off the bike.

Anyone know where I can find a web site that lists stack heights for old and new headsets?
Stack HeightCalvin
Jun 19, 2002 4:16 AM
The 105 headset already pretty short. Some Tange-Seiki headsets area lose as a 30.3mm stack height. Your fork needs to be nearly 30mm longer than your headtube.

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re: measuring headset stack heightSpoke Wrench
Jun 19, 2002 5:00 AM
1. Measure your fork's steer tube without the crown race.
2. Measure your frame's head tube without the headset cups.
3. Subtract 2 from 1. That's your stack height.

New headsets will have stack heights specified. My QBP catalogue lists a 105 threaded headset as having a 37.5mm stack height. That's about average for threaded headsets. Unless you've changed or modified your fork in some way, I suspect someone's figuring your stack height wrong.