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Flight Deck Vs. Polar S710(2 posts)

Flight Deck Vs. Polar S710JSchneb
Jun 18, 2002 11:50 AM
I currently have the Shimano Flight Deck set up on my road bike, and I really like the features (virtual Cadence, buttons on break hoods). One problem that I've always had is that my bike computers have always had auto start, so unless I stoped my HRM every time I came to a stop light I would get a discrepancy between my computer ride time and my HRM time. I recently purchased a Polar S710 that has the autostop feature, and I'm debating whether or not to switch. The Polar allows settings for 2 bikes, and I have already set it up on my MTB. What do you guys think I should do w/my road bike?
Jun 18, 2002 3:31 PM
I dunno - take a chance and try it? Could be dangerous.

Hey, if it's any help I run the FD and the S710 on my road bike. Here's the real dilema: if you don't run auto/stop start on your S710 you're going to forget to stop it when you take a break or finish a ride then the memory will fill up. Next time you go to ride your S710 will puke and say there's not enough memory available b/c you captured a whole bunch of nothing. If you do run auto start/stop there will be time when you take too long of a break and the watch will assume that your ride is over. When you start riding again it treats it like a new ride. The maximum number of "workouts" that can be logged in a single day on your PC is three. So now you have to slide one of your legs onto a different day.

Given the above scenario and choices I think your only option is to sell, no give away, your road bike (to me).