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Brake pad for Zipp 303(4 posts)

Brake pad for Zipp 303boat
Jun 17, 2002 11:34 PM

I just got a set of 2001 Zipp 303 (tubular version) and was just wondering if I need a special brake pad that is used specifically for carbon braking surface? Apparently, Zipp advertise that a normal dura ace brake pad can be used as well. So I am just wondering whether do i really have to go get a new set of brake pad for carbon rim? Thank you very much.
re: Brake pad for Zipp 303DougSloan
Jun 18, 2002 1:46 AM
I've used both normal pads and cork pads from Corima. Both will work, but the rubber pads wear more quickly. Stopping seems to be about the same. If you are plunging down mountains and braking a lot, I'd use cork; the rubber can melt from the heat that doesn't sink into the carbon. Otherwise, no need to switch.

re: Brake pad for Zipp 303JimP
Jun 18, 2002 7:04 AM
Doug's reply is good. I have used the standard DA pads for my Nimble Crosswinds for 4 years now without any problems.

Zipp recommends Kool Stop Black pads...terzo rene
Jun 18, 2002 7:08 PM
if you are going to do significant climbing/descending where there is likely to be more heat generated, otherswise DA is ok.

The technical section on their website is one of the better ones I have seen for a bike manufacturer. (beats the hell out of Lew's used car salesman/carnival barker pitches)