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Dura Ace STI install. problems--a little long(2 posts)

Dura Ace STI install. problems--a little longTarheel71
Jun 16, 2002 3:49 PM
I decided to upgrade a 1995 Havnoonian bike from 8-speed downtube shifting to 9-speed DA STI. I've been using the
non-flight deck DA shifters on a couple of other bikes for 2-3 years, and have never had any problems setting the shifters up. For this bike, I got the flight deck model shifters during a sale, and I'm having problems. I bought DA front and rear deraileurs and 9-speed chainrings. The front deraileur won't execute a shift to the big ring without the chain rubbing the outer cage plate , no matter how I adjust the limit screws and cable tension. Thought maybe it was a chain line problem, so I tried a splined BB and crank--no help. With the rear deraileur, started everything as normal with the chain on the smallest cog, shift once, click, chain moves to second cog. With the next 3 shifts, the chain will move to the next cog, but there is no click from the shifter. With all tension taken off the cable, the shifter clicks with all shifts.
First thing I noticed about the flight deck shifters was a plastic wire under the cover plate which I assume has a function related to the computer. I wonder if this could be binding the cable somehow? The cable heads are seated in the shifters, checked that. Forgot to mention, on the rear, after the 3 no-click shifts up the cassette, the click resumes for the rest of the shifts--strange.
One other thing about the frame--the bottom bracket shell has braze on cable guides, which are quite different from the Shimano supplied
part, but this did not seem to affect the function of the 8-speed
down tube shifters.
OK, thanks in advance for any ideas.
Check a few things.Atombomber
Jun 16, 2002 5:26 PM
I assume you used the proper shifter cable housing.

For the front, make sure the deraileur is properly aligned, and has the proper clearance from the big ring. The outer plate of the front deraileur should clear the big ring by a mere 1.5mm as it goes through its motion. The front d should be parallel to the centerline through the bike. Another thing to look at is the cable clamp. The cable should be clamped on the inside of the bolt, in the groove.

Rear end now. Make certain that the rear wheel is properly centered in the dropouts. If the wheel is out of alignment, the cogs will also be out. If still no improvement, check the rear derailleur hanger for trueness. If everything is aligned, you shouldn't have any troubles adjusting.

One last thing to check is the movement of the cables through the housing to make certain there is no binding. The BB guide shouldn't make a difference.