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spinergy rev-x horror story website(2 posts)

spinergy rev-x horror story websiteweiwentg
Jun 16, 2002 10:08 AM
I posted earlier on a website showcasing case reports on Rev-X failures. here's the URL:

most of these failures occured several years ago - the latest reports were dated in '99. still, I would be wary of using Spinergy wheels, unless their customer service and design have improved drastically.
well, they still suck in my opinion....IAmtnbikr
Jun 17, 2002 5:21 PM
I was one of the lucky to stumble on the same website, then took a look at my Rev-X's, which were on my beater that I use to ride to work and pull the Burlely with. I found one front wheel had 2 cracks coming from the rivets on a spoke pair that extended about an inch up towards the hub. I got a pair of Xaero wheels at a discount with their crash/upgrade policy, which I now see is only good on their Rev-X's.....that ought to tell you something about how they trust their own quality, huh? The Xaero wheels have worked great for me, they weigh a lot less than the Rev-X wheels, and are easier to ride on windy days. I put them on my new road bike, and put the Shimano 535's on the beater. I did have one more run-in with their piss-poor idea of a customer service department, over some measly decals. God help anyone who really needs something like real service. It took two months to get any action, mainly after posting here and on MTBR and letting them know I did so.