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Look Frame Geometry question(2 posts)

Look Frame Geometry questionflying
Jun 15, 2002 12:11 AM
I am looking at a KG241 frame & wondering about size.
I currently ride a 53 c-c or 55 c-t Colnago MXL. It has a 54.3 TT

I was going to order a 53 c-c Look then I noticed the TT is 53.8

I am wondering if I should get the 55 c-c which has a TT closer to what I am use to. (The 55 Look KG241 has a 55.6 TT)

What would be the better choice?

For what it is worth I run my saddle way back on my Colnago ( climbing ) so I use a 10cm stem.
10cm with my TT = 64.3

A last Q for those with this frame is....
I see the head angle changes right at this 53-55 frame size junction. From 71 to 73. How will this affect things?
The colnago I ride is 71.7

Thanks for any help.
re: Look Frame Geometry questionJohnG
Jun 16, 2002 5:20 AM
Hmmm.... you sure about those #'s?

I ride a 54cm Colnago and a 52cm LOOK KG281. They fit virtually identical in terms of effective TT length.

Without looking at the geo chart I would guess that a 2cm difference would put you on a similar sized frame. The Look should have a numerically longer TT for a given comparitively sized frame...... due to the slacker seat tube angle.