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looking to buy my first CO2 pump...(2 posts)

looking to buy my first CO2 pump...komatiite
Jun 14, 2002 7:14 PM
i am looking to buy a CO2 pump to throw into my wedge for day-trips. anyone have any recommendations? Performance has an Innovations UltraFlate w/ 6 cartridges for 18$. i am either thinking of that or the Innovations Chuck Key. I want to get one that will get up to >100psi and not freeze my fingers off. any suggestions?

also, anyone have suggestions on a decent contoured mini-wedge?

Innovations is O.K. .....DINOSAUR
Jun 14, 2002 8:47 PM
I use the Innovations Ultraflate. It uses a 12g cartridge that will get a 700x23 tire to 94psi. The 12g can be purchased in bulk for around $.50-$.75 apiece at places such as KMart , as they are the same size that are used for pellet, airguns etc. A 16g will inflate up to 123 psi, but the cartidges cost more, around $2.00 apiece. What I do is pack a very small Torelli mini frame pump that I use to mount the tire and inflate up to 40psi and finish off with a 12g CO2 that brings me up to around 120psi. Although this method is not fool proof as you loose a little bit of air when inflating the C02 into a tube that already has air in it. If you get a lot of flats, C02 might be a good way to go. Since I switched over I've had one flat on the road since last July. I would seriously consider going with an Innovations Air Chuck 16g, but I have about 15 12g cartridges in stock and can't see not using them..
Yes, your fingers will get cold and the C02 applicator might freeze to your valve stem for a couple of minutes until it thaws out during cold suggestions on the mini-wedge. I pack one with the logo of my LBS on it. It's large enough to stash two tubes, tire irons, 2 12g cartridges and a small tire patch kit, and it zips opens up from the back so I don't have to take it off my bike..... If you switch to C02, practice a couple of times in your garage until you get the hang of the time I used it on the road I forgot how it worked and wasted one cartidge..