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New Wheelset choices- Velomax, Mavic, or Rolf?(6 posts)

New Wheelset choices- Velomax, Mavic, or Rolf?filtersweep
Jun 14, 2002 1:51 PM
I've narrowed my wheelset upgrade down to three choices:

Mavic Ksyrium Elite- not the lightest in the world, but they seem to have a strong following.

Velomax Ascent Comp- Very light... only concern I have is the spoke nipples. I hardly see these anywhere, but they seem to have a great reputation.

Or if I cheap out- Rolf Sestrieres- plenty to be found used around $300. I'm concerned that Rolf is out for the count. Are they completely closed?

My riding style is fast 20-40 mile runs. I'm light for my height at 165.

Q: Are the Ksyriums on my mind just because they are popular (I seem them all over)? Or, are they over-rated?

Q: If I run into problems with the Velomax, are they easy to fix? Or are they a "send-em-in" job?

Q: Is it too risky buying Rolf?

I'm probably NOT going to cheap out on these... I always seem to regret it when I do. I wish there were an easy way to test ride wheels ;)
don't get the sestrieresweiwentg
Jun 14, 2002 5:30 PM
I had a friend who worked at a bike store. he's lighter than you and found the sestrieres noodly. he also told me that the rim weights were around 450g, which is not terribly light.
there's a pair of ascent comps, '99 model and lightly used, on eBay right now, for a buy it now of $350. the header just says velomax clinchers. I asked the seller what year they were.
with the velomaxes, if you break a spoke, it will likely break at the hub flange, and that will be a 'send them in' job. and you are a bit on the heavy side (I think) for ascent comps. you would want to be careful, or get the orions.
and of course, the Ks will be bombproof.
don't get the sestriereswheels513
Jun 15, 2002 7:29 AM
You want bullet proof. Mavic open Pro ,cxp 33 with campy record,chorus or D.A hubs and 15/15/14 stainless steel spokes with brass be totally bullet proof have them built by a professional builder using the proper size spokes and knows how to tension and true wheels.
If you are really looking for bullet proof and not afraid to spend some GREEN get yourself a pair of PHIL WOOD hubs they are the best.
re: New Wheelset choices- Velomax, Mavic, or Rolf?ngl
Jun 15, 2002 8:17 AM
My dealer freind and I both have the sestrieres and love them! He is a 170 lb jammer and he hasn't trued his yet. I am a 150 lb 48 year old and I broke a spoke last year (go figure). I am not sure of the rim weight but my wheel set weighs 1497 grams and I can really feel it up hills! When I borrowed a set of rolf pros I could not notice any real aero benefit over the sestrieres on the flats. When I talked to Trek they said they will continue to service all rolf wheels for a while yet.You can buy new sestrieres for under $400. I buy used items on e-bay but used wheels is not one of them. Just my opinion.
re: New Wheelset choices- Velomax, Mavic, or Rolf?Juanmoretime
Jun 16, 2002 3:19 AM
I haven't rode the other wheels so I really can't comment on them. I do have a set of Velomax. I've had them for about two month and have logged 1000 miles so far. No problems and still true as the day I bought them. They corner very well and seem to accelerate faster than a lot of wheels I have owned. I did contact Velomax and have some extra spokes, incase, laying around. It is a repair you can do yourself. It will just require a little more time and patience than a standard wheel. By my experience with the wheels so far, very worth it. I really don't think I will have any problems because the construction of the wheels are top notch. The bearings are extremely buttery feeling right up there with the feeling of Dura Ace or Campy Record. From comments I've heard regarding Rolfs, the Rolfs are cheap for a reason. LoL.
re: New Wheelset choices- Velomax, Mavic, or Rolf?filtersweep
Jun 16, 2002 3:04 PM
Thanks- I'm going with the Velomax- ordered them today since I cannot buy them locally. The Mavic's look a bit too flashy, and I'm convinced I'd be paying extra for the name alone... I kinda have a thing for going for the underdog ;)

I'm not convinced that the spoked aero concept is "all that," either... and I don't quite understand what's up with redesigning the Ksyriums between 2001 and 2002... unless it is marketing to drum up interest.