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Shimano R535 wheels.(3 posts)

Shimano R535 wheels.Miklos
Jun 14, 2002 7:24 AM
I just put a set of these wheels on my bike and have about 100 miles on the so far. So, for an intial report: I purchased them from for $299 for the pair. The reasons that I purchased them is they were advertised as good for riders over 200lbs, spokes attach to side of rim instead of center (should be stronger), I liked the looks and lastly, they are a decent price. With the spokes attaching to the side of the rim, they then cross over to the other side of the hub. This gives more dish to the spoke pattern, especially the rear drive side. This gives good lateral stability, even for a 235 pounder pedaling out of the saddle on hills.

These wheels are in the 105 group level. This means great performance for the dollar and I am happy with them. For a closer look than in the catalogs, see the photos in the link below.!X9U3q6YzeOp!RYJqTfPDxepbGW8fLPU7eE5EdVItWPWR7qcD6N4HhpBLABAZ3KXray0wR1VB0WIIoKQffe0nbs9n3hEk5qVD5B68AdU$

re: Shimano R535 wheels.weiwentg
Jun 14, 2002 10:45 AM
I'm impressed that they're holding up, even under your weight. my advice would be to get some good grease and re-grease them. mine started grinding after a few hundred miles.
re: Shimano R535 wheels.TheThirdPoliceman
Jun 17, 2002 1:48 PM
I have done awround 700 miles on these wheels now, on a Marin. Mainly road but a few towpaths and quite rough forest paths. They are holding up perfectly.

But the rim tape that comes with them should be changed to a proper one straight away - I have had 3 blowouts into the spoke access holes. The rubber band on them is no use for 100psi tyres.

My worry with these wheels is what happens when a spoke breraks on a 16 spoke wheel? I reckon you've had it esp considering the high tension in the spokes.

Also it is impossible to get grease to stay in the races - they run dry again in only 150 miles or so. Dunno if they will last long.

Overall they are good value until they break and stronger than they look.