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Stem clamp diameter - what's standard?(2 posts)

Stem clamp diameter - what's standard?Matno
Jun 11, 2002 5:48 PM
Or rather, what WAS standard about 10 years ago. I've got a Schwinn Supersport that I've been lightening up (about a '91 model, I'm not sure exactly) and I know the stem is super heavy (you can tell just by looking at it). Plus I changed my seatpost from silver to black so the silver stem has GOT to go! :) Anyway, I'm wondering if there was a standard size for handlebars back then? (I may replace those eventually too as I'm sure they're not all that light). My bars are Sake "Custom" bars (I'm pretty sure that's just the model name and they're not really custom made). Does anybody know what size stem clamp I need? It's a 1" threaded quill stem if that helps.

I honestly think I lost a full pound when I got rid of my old seatpost. That sucker was a single solid chunk of steel! (At least I'VE never seen aluminum that was that solid!)
your bars aren't standard...C-40
Jun 12, 2002 11:30 AM
In all likelihood, your Japanese bars are 1 inch diameter (25.4mm). If in doubt, borrow a micrometer or dial calipers and measure them.

If they are 1 inch, I wouldn't waste money on a high priced stem to fit them, although any MTB stem will fit.

The current standards are 25.8 or 26.0mm (1.016 or 1.024 inch), which can be used interchangeably with the new open-faced stems.

In a pinch you could use some shim material to adapt the bars to a standard road stem. A .010 to .012 inch shim is required. Aluminum flashing material sold at home improvement stores is about this thickness.