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To those w/ a Topeak QR Beam Rack(1 post)

To those w/ a Topeak QR Beam Rackrockbender
Jun 10, 2002 3:44 PM
Howdy folks.

Had a short spurt of brilliance last weekend, so I thought I would share it.

Topeak makes a pretty cool seatpost mount rack that accepts their quick release trunk bag. A pretty sweet setup, really, for a mountain bike or roadbike without eyelets (the quick bag on-off makes it a great commute bag).

If you have this rack, you know that the shims supplied with the rack really suck. The rack still spins on the seat post no matter how hard you clamp it (how hard do you really want to clamp it anyway?) and the little rubber shims end up sliding out.

Solution: I took a piece of 1" diameter schedule 80 PVC pipe, about 1.5-2" long, and took a 3/4" section out of the circumference. Then, I took a piece of old tube and worked it over the c-shaped piece of pipe. Now, i have a shim that 'snaps' into place, does not move, and provides plenty of support for rack mount to grip. Additionally, the rubber from the tube seems to allow the rack to have a little lateral movement ("float", if you will) so that it absorbs vibrations and resists spinning out of the position it should be in.

happy biking-