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Cassette life(1 post)

Cassette lifeJimP
Jun 10, 2002 1:23 PM
I have been using a DA 12-23 cassette for over 3 years and noticed a buzz developing when in the 16 cog. I have replaced the chain every year with a new DA chain and I clean the chain regularly with naptha in a "chain box" and use a hot wax. I usually ride that bike about 2500-3000 miles per year and the chain measures less than 12 1/16 inch for the expected 12 inches. The chain has never skipped and I could not detect any wear on the 16 cog. I even compared that cog with a new one and couldn't detect any difference in the contour of the teeth. I replaced the cassette with a new one and the buzz is gone! 8,000 miles on the cassette isn't that bad considering the threads I have read on this forum.