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will 8 speed ultergra hub accept 9 speed cassette(13 posts)

will 8 speed ultergra hub accept 9 speed cassettewarriorcharge
Jun 7, 2002 11:25 AM
i have 9 speed front and rear mechs and shifters so a new chain and cassette should do it ?
Jun 7, 2002 12:17 PM
An 11T cog will not work properly, avoid that. N/Mcurlybike
Jun 7, 2002 6:02 PM
Actually, an 11cog will work just fine.the dad
Jun 9, 2002 7:42 AM
You just have to use the lockring that comes with that cassette.
Jun 9, 2002 11:28 AM
Well, one of us is sure wrong.the dad
Jun 10, 2002 2:16 PM
I've done it. I do quite a bit of work with tandems, so I've mixed road and mountain cassettes, which all seem to start at 11t, quite a bit. I also just checked QBP who says the 8&9 speed freehub bodies (except DA) are interchangable.

What am I missing?
Well, one of us is sure wrong.curlybike
Jun 10, 2002 5:48 PM
In response to your question. The splines on the older 8-speed cassette carrier extend all the way to the end where the lock ring screws down. 12 tooth cogs have the splines cut all the way through. Some 11 tooth cogs are not splined through and will bottom out on the ends of the splines of the 8-speed carrier. The 9-speed carrier has a step on the ends of the splines which does not bottom out in the 11t cog. Consequently the 12 combo will tighten on the 8-speed carrier and the 11t top cog cassette will be shaky on the 8-speed carrier and will require an extra spacer behind the cassette so the lockring will make the cassette tight. This additional spacer will make that assembly different and reduce the ability of the owner to switch out wheels without shifting troubles. I hope this is a help. The required lockring should be sent with the cassette.
Jun 13, 2002 8:37 AM
Lots of us in Northern California (and other places I'm sure) will swap cassetts for rides with big climbs and have been doing so for years. It's pretty normal to use a MTB cogset (for the low gearing) with an 11T and a spacer under the cogset and have zero problems when we switch back. You don't have to make a single adjustment. The problem comes when you try and put the 11T MTB cog on a road cogset - then you're mixing and matching. In fact there is *no* difference between an 8 and 9 speed freehub, it's the same part - ask Shimano if you don't believe me.
Jun 13, 2002 10:45 AM
I believe that the new part # has superceded the old one that had the different splines that go all the way to the end.
Enough of your Beliefsgrzy
Jun 14, 2002 11:38 AM
Hey, just b/c I believe in the Easter Bunny doesn't make it so. What are the actual part numbers and the actual changes? The reality is that you made several statements that aren't true and you totally ignore the facts that the same freehub body has been used for years for both 8 and now 9 speed and that everything has been totally interchangeable as long as you stick to a single format (ie. road vs. MTB). The reason why the 11T doesn't fit is that they don't want you using those combinations - it all works fine if you understand and play the game by their rules.
Enough of your Beliefscurlybike
Jun 14, 2002 6:07 PM
I don't have the part #'s but I have seen the difference that I described in an earlier post. I was usind a very early D/A hub and placed a 11-21 road Ultegra cassette on it. The cogs remained loos and I had to use a old cassette locking spring washer(the thin brown splined one that fit between a couple of cogs)to take up the slack. So I believe what I see, and I apologize if that disturbs you. I posted these facts to help another. The freehub bodies were different in the case that I cited and I had an 8 and a 9 in my hands comparing them. I therefore assumed that possibly the numbers had been changed because the new can replace the 8 that I saw. I know of no false statements other than yours.
Enough of your Beliefscurlybike
Jun 14, 2002 6:43 PM
As I was replying to your post I forgot that I have some older Shimano literature. I just got done reading the Road compatibility chart and I learned that beside the listing for the 7400 (D/A) and 6400(Ultegra) rear hubs in the Cassette column there was a note, Note 3, at the bottom of the page note 3 was defined as , 11t cogs not compatable with this series. I hope these are the facts that you wanted. I really wasn't trying to BS anybody. I was just trying to help. If you disagree with what I have said here, fine, but you needn't be hostile and accuse me of ignoring facts. I hope this clarifies the facts. I appreciate that you share your expertice, but we can all learn from others.
Oh, by the waycurlybike
Jun 15, 2002 4:45 PM
Saw a D/A rear hub 8sp HG today and it was built as I described plus it had the OD threaded on the end so a cassette with a thread on first cog could be used. This is clearly different than the current 9 speed. Just thought you might be interested. Maybe I ain't as ignorant as you thought!