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Ultegra Rear hub questions(4 posts)

Ultegra Rear hub questionsMatno
Jun 7, 2002 1:12 AM
I just got a new Ultegra rear hub (FH6500) and saw that it has a 4mm spacer between the bolts that makes it 130mm. Since I'm upgrading from a 6 speed setup which uses 126mm spacing, could I just remove the spacer or should I leave it there and just "cold set" my frame to fit the hub? Will it mess up the dish if I remove the spacer?

Also a question about hub smoothness: I bought new front and rear Ultegra hubs from different sources (Nashbar and Icycles). Both of them seem somewhat rough when I spin the axels with my fingers. Is this normal? I thought they should be baby-butt smooth, and they're certainly not. It's small enough that I'm sure I won't be able to tell when they're on the bike (I already built up the front and it spins pretty smoothly on the frame and keeps going for a long time). Just seems wierd, that's all. I just assumed that new hubs would come with cups/cones that are "pre-tensioned." Should I loosen them up a bit or will this just happen after a little "breaking in"?
re: Ultegra Rear hub questionsMike Prince
Jun 7, 2002 4:11 AM
Leave the spacer(s) in and spread the stays. If you remove the spacers the axle will probably protrude beyound the dropout faces and the QR will not tighten.

As far as the cones, I personally would check them and adjust as needed. If they are a bit tight (or way too loose) you can damage the hub permanently. Also, there have been a few posters in the past that have felt the need to repack these hubs out of the box, but it sounds like the cones are a bit tight.
re: Ultegra Rear hub questionsSpoke Wrench
Jun 7, 2002 4:11 AM
If you just take the spacers out of your hub, the axle will probably be too long and you won't be able to get your quick release tight enough to clamp the wheel onto the frame.

If you get a shorter axle and take the 4mm spacer from the left side of the hub, it will move the wheel 4mm to the left. You'll have to correct the dish or the bike will ride funny.

If you try to redish a wheel with an 8/9 speed freehub body to fit into a 126mm frame, you will probably have a hard time getting the right spokes tight enough. As a result, the left spokes will be too loose and will break frequently at the elbow.

I suspect that your cones are, I have to use a technical term here, "a teence" too tight. Keep in mind that when you clamp down your quick release, the compression on the axle is going to tighten them "a teence" more. If it was my bike, I'd loosen them up "a teence," maybe two teences. Don't be surprised if it takes you three or four tries to get them perfect.

Good luck.
re: Ultegra Rear hub questionsNessism
Jun 7, 2002 9:33 AM
First off, the bearings in Ultegra hubs are not all that great and some roughness is normal. Of course check the adjustment just to make sure everything is properly adjusted. Regarding the spacing, keep the hub as is and spread the rear stays to 130 mm (assuming steel frame). It's actually quite easy to do yourself as long as you have a good workstand.

- Remove rear wheel and clamp frame in stand
- Take a piece of string and run it from the outside edge of one dropout, wrap it around the headtube, and back to the other dropout
- Measure the distance between the string and the seat tube - both side should be the same
- grab one of the rear stays and pull outward until it opens a couple of mm
- do the same on the other side
- tweak the stays until the spacing is correct and the distance between the string is the same on both sides

Try not to bend the dropout or it will need to be realigned - special tool required. If you have a Ti or Al frame you are sol on resetting the rear end.

Good luck.